Here They Come

Here they come
with their smiling faces
and sad eyes
wanting to see their granddaughter.

Here they come
wanting me to laugh
and casually chat
glorifying the dead son they think they knew.

Here they come
with their own agenda
and flowered edicts
staying longer than I agreed.

Here they come
making me search
and find a happy place
embracing a relationship I’m forced to be in.

Here they come
with pictures of you
and the ceremony
laying there on display for the world to see.

Here they come
looting my house
and my heart
hoping to take back some piece of you.

Here they come
wanting to hug
and say goodbye
pretending that everything is okay.


2 responses to “Here They Come

  1. Megan – You continue to amaze me with your beauty, strength, ONEderment. You are the STRONGEST woman, I’ve ever know. I remember your beauty.
    Megan and Hudson. Hudson and Megan. Then comes everything else……

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