Wearing My Art on My Sleeve

My tattoos are the story of my life.

I remember watching the movie The Illustrated Man when I was a kid.

I remember how in the movie, each tattoo marked a moment in the man’s life — and how I was so profoundly inspired by the way he chose to decorate his body with his life’s experiences. My tattoos are my own armor of truth — they give me strength, they speak my story. They express my passions, and empower me with a sense of pride. They make me feel sexy. They remind me of my flaws and inspire me to grow. Because as long as I’m here, I know my story is not over.


7 responses to “Wearing My Art on My Sleeve

  1. I’ve been contemplating getting my first tattoo, my body is just a blank canvass as of now.
    I have a number of ideas kicking around, one for my brother or maybe just one for fun?

    It looks like they literally wrote the book on you!

    • I’m a believer in there being meaning behind whatever it is you get permanently inked onto your skin. Of course, there are people that believe in art just for art’s sake. Which is fine… but the point of my post was that they truly mean more to me than pretty artwork — they tell my story, they protect me, and they make me feel tough and sexy all at the same time. I will continue to get work done, because I’ll continue to be inspired by the things I experience in my life.

      And you only live once, my friend — you should find a reputable artist in your area and take in your thoughts about the one for your brother. I bet they could work up something amazing for you!

  2. As someone told be, when you’re thinking about a tattoo, you should NOT be thinking “I want a tattoo!” but “I want a tattoo because…” followed by a good, personal reason for getting it. When I get the first small pirate flag that is at the top/center of my back-piece, I had done my research on who’s flag (Captain John Rackam AKA Calico Jack) I wanted, and why. Calico Jack never reached the infamy level of pirates like Black Beard but had his own story, including being the first pirate to allow women on his crew. Like any good pirate, Calico Jack and his crew were drunk senseless on rum when they were captured.

    The second thought on getting your ink should be on who you’re going to have do it. “I have a friend who does tattoos!” is almost never a good answer. When I got ready to start work on my full back-piece I looked at about 10 artists in the DC area, talked to three, and finally picked my guy. He was easy to work with and was able to create a great piece of art out of my idea, including adding his own bits and pieces (with my approval of course).

  3. Thank you for visiting my little spot in the blogsphere. Very lovely artwork. I too, am waiting for the right tattoo and design to paint the canvas on my body. When I finally find all the pieces, my body will be a display of the difficult and wonderful roads traveled in my life.

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