November 10, 2003 was our wedding day. We celebrated it in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, in the company of twenty or so of our closest family and friends. It was an amazing day and an amazing adventure to be there in the land of carefree where everything was answered with a smiling, “No problem, Mon!” We soaked up the sun, laughed with friends — fruity drinks were always in hand, and any hunger pain was quickly taken away with the best jerk chicken on the planet.

Today is not a day for me to be sad, and it’s certainly not a day to cry (although honestly, that part’s already shot.)

I have wonderful memories of this day, eight years ago, and today I just want to focus on being grateful for that unforgettable experience and the time I had with an unforgettable man.


2 responses to “XI x MMIII

  1. We all have our good days and our bad days, the death day of my brother is rolling around this week some 12 years or so past. But then I have happy times to remember, my darling Darlene’s birthday and even the birthday of my own daughter.

    You’re a strong girl roll with the punches, and you know that if you need and ear or a shoulder I am only a short tweet away!!

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