I Died in My Dream Last Night

I died in my dream last night.

I remember the details of those final seconds so vividly that they continue to replay in my conscious mind…

I was in an old convertible car with a young woman and I was speeding.

We were chasing people across a huge bridge when I lost control of the vehicle.

We careened off the edge, through the barrier, and our bodies were thrown from the car.

Ejected into the sky.

And in slow motion, our eyes locked in mid air.

I yelled, almost apologetically, “This is it!”

We reached out for each other, struggling to connect our hands as we fell towards the earth.

I remember looking down several times, preparing myself.

But in those slivers of seconds before impact, there was absolutely no fear.


When I finally hit, it was as if I was shattered into a million pieces of energy.

Like fireworks, I exploded.

I was gone, but now bigger than my body.

I don’t know that I have an explanation or any deeper understanding, but I do know that today I feel a little bit more fearless.


4 responses to “I Died in My Dream Last Night

    • You know, the more I thought about it, the more I remembered having a similar dream with you it in. I believe I even told you about it. The dream with you was in a different place, a different car, but still it was a bridge over water. I remember almost floating in the sky after being thrown from the car, and reaching down to grab you. But I don’t remember hitting the ground in that one. LYM!

  1. Of course you’re freaking out. Talking about the memories, your joy, your love.

    I wake up seeing my lost brother from time to time too. Grieving is a mental Marathon, years and decades mean nothing to our imaginations.

    Love you, big Huggs

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