Floating on Roller Derby Cloud Nine

Yesterday was beyond incredible for me.

For those of you who may not know about roller derby, here’s what happened: Our league has just recently been accepted into the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association). As an apprentice team, we were invited to play an exhibition (showcase) bout during the Star of Texas Bowl to play against Texas’ newest home team, the Firing Squad… a great way for us to get introduced to the greater derby world, especially since it was being broadcast. This two-day All-Star tournament features teams from Austin (Texecutioners), Chicago (Windy City Rollers), New York (Gotham Girls) and San Francisco (Bay Area Derby – BAD Girls). The best of the best!

It was an amazing day. I’m sitting here, albeit sore, with tears on my face because of how proud I am of my team. Yes, we lost a hard fought bout 152-134… but that doesn’t even matter. Not one bit. I met, got to chat with, and got to skate against so many amazing skaters… I met people like Bonnie Thunders and OMG WTF and I touched Suzy Hotrod… and I watched them skate against each other…AND WE GOT TO SKATE ON THAT VERY TRACK JUST MOMENTS EARLIER… ON WFTDA.TV! EVEN MY FRIENDS IN THE UK SAW ME PLAY!!! Watch here.


We all knew there were things we could have done differently, but several people have called us the “Game of the night,” “Extremely competitive,” “Amazing,” “Beyond expectation,” and “A treat to watch.”

I realize I’m still fairly new (in my first full season), but I am more grateful in this moment for roller derby being a part of my life than ever before. I thank my team, my coaches, the opportunity to get to be there, and my friends and family who support me… I am still beside myself, but so overwhelmingly proud.

And now the adventure continues as it’s time to get packed up and ready to leave for a week to go to RollerCon ’12 in Las Vegas, the eighth annual worldwide Roller Derby convention!


Star of Texas Bowl

“We might knock each other all over the track, but after we slap hands, there’s not a thing that can bring me down.”


5 responses to “Floating on Roller Derby Cloud Nine

  1. Nude photos of yourself are interspersed with photos of your daughter. My advice – keep the two worlds separate including the name that you post these photos under. Do you know everyone who looks at your blog? You would be surprised. My safety was once comprimised may yours never be. Merry Christmas – my christmas wish for you is that you go further along your road of healing.

    • If you’re so concerned, why don’t you say who you are?

      My photos are not nude. They are artistically created and I’m very proud of them. This is me. No one is asking you to accept it. Part of my healing comes from loving and accepting all that I am… A woman, a mother, an artist, an athlete, a writer, and a widow.

      My advice to you, don’t offer unsolicited advice to people you don’t know.

    • Blogs are no place for moralistic commentary on someone else’s piece. Keep your ‘concern’ to yourself. We are have our own paths to follow and lessons to learn in this life.

      Do you not think that this is a path to healing? Do you actually know this woman or her life?

      Is it possible that this is her healing???

      And finally, are you educated enough to know the difference between art and sex?

      Live your own life and don’t try to rule others

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