Looking for All of Me

It began as a place

to mourn

to rage

to weep

to embrace.

But this is not all of me.

Have You Seen My Whole Self?

Most people have some sort of online presence, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, whatever it may be. I, too, have accounts set up in all these various places. Including my little space here. And although I have over twelve thousand people following me on Twitter, over a thousand on Instagram, more people on Facebook than I could even try to keep up with, and a small handful of people that read my words here… I’m still frustrated about WHAT I’m doing with—what once was—multiple outlets for my various interests. Facebook now seems to be for friends and family, Twitter for fun word play, laughs and inspirational thoughts, Instagram for my love of photography and an outlet for my exhibitionist side, and this WordPress site to work through my emotional struggles of dealing with the loss of my husband.

But there’s no place where I am being ALL of me. And I want that. It bothers me that I separate out the sides of me, essentially hiding the who or what that is my whole self… mostly because I’m learning to be proud of who I am: a beautiful work in progress—organic, complex and multifaceted. Of course I worry about judgement from those who don’t know me or aren’t open-minded enough to understand, but I could also quote a million famous sayings that encourage us all not to give a shit what others think.

You Can Be Anything You Want To Be.

So recently, I was doing some research on Wonder Woman, refreshing my memory of the interesting story behind her creator, the transitional time in history in which she was created, and the incredible purpose behind her creation. Wonder Woman emerged at a time when women were coming out of the home and taking over full-time positions in factories as the men left to fight the war. When the war ended, women returned to their homes, but “their sense of power and potential—the Wonder Woman within—had emerged and could no longer be repressed.” In the Introduction to Wonder Woman: The Complete History by Les Daniels, Lynda Carter continues:

“Those early Wonder Women whispered to their daughters, “You can be anything you want to be,” and in so doing, raised the consciousness of a new generation of women. They helped us believe in our own unique powers, our hidden strengths, our intellect and instincts—and encouraged us to let our own unexpressed self soar.

Now we are supporting our own daughters as they reach for new heights in new times. For we are all works in progress, forever evolving, helping blaze and brighten the trail for those to come.

And the Wonder Woman in each of us is even better than the original. For we are also mothers, girlfriends and wives, givers of life and love—roles that Wonder Woman, for all her adventures, was never able to play.”

I believe in my own unique powers and I’m ready to let my own unexpressed self soar. In the next few weeks I will be updating this site to be more of all of me. I AM a mother and a girlfriend and a giver of life and love. I am all of it. And I don’t want to hide who I am, or what, who or how I love. I want to share my pictures, my poetry, my pleasures, my pains, and my plans for the future—all of it. I want it all in one place, and that one place will be here.

Just in case you’re looking for all of me.



5 responses to “Looking for All of Me

  1. Dear Wonder Woman,

    I can associate with what you say about having so many outlets that touch on each of our interests, but none of them really apply to all of our interests. Perhaps this leads to what they are diagnosing as ADD in so many children now a days. Having to go from one outlet to the next to the next, and none really apply to them all. However, this does conflict with the KISS model, which outlines keeping it simple, and not trying to cater to too many crowds at once…

    Complicated, but maybe the answer we need in the end is to find outlets that don’t necessarily rely on internets?

    Good luck on this quest. 🙂

    • You have a very good point. I’m lucky enough to have lots of interests outside of what the internet offers, but I do find it an accessible way to create, share, and interact with a large group of people (although that was never my initial intention). Interestingly enough, the purpose of Wonder Woman was “to capture an enormous readership and have a socially conscious effect.” All my online accounts are simply ways for me to express myself. There are times when I feel like I might have something of interest or value to someone, and maybe my story, my words, my imagery, the life that I lead — who I am as a whole — that it could inspire someone to be whatever it is they want to be. I don’t know that I could ever have a hardcore Wonder Woman effect, but if I’m going to do anything, I want to do it as the whole me.

      Thank you for your comment and support. 🙂

  2. All of you is a good thing to find.

    Certain personality types (and I think you’re one) find their goal is in having the quest – never being happy with “getting there” wherever there is. I have enjoyed your writings for some time now – it’s been fun to watch the evolution of you.

    Good luck with the quest.


  3. As someone that really only gets to usually see one or two”parts” of you, I feel lucky to have stumbled across you on here. I hope you find a way to let us in to more of your world.

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