Wonder Who?

So this is my little place, a small sliver of the mass interwebs that I carved out just for myself. I’d like to call it my creative outlet — and maybe it could actually be that one day — but right now I’m not sure that truly describes my purpose or my intent. My purpose here is to heal. My intention is to find the power in myself again.

I am a widow. But I don’t want to be described that way. I would rather you know me as a strong, creative, intelligent woman, a mother with a juvenile sense of humor and knack for making people laugh despite the fact that I can’t tell a joke to save my life.

I’m here because I’ve been knocked down and it’s just not me to stay on the ground, albeit scarred, bruised or bloody. This is me getting back up, fighting my doubts, facing my fears. This is me realizing that life does go on… for me, for our daughter… and to move on means I have to let it go. I want to get out my tears, let loose of my fears, get back on that proverbial horse, and be the Wonder Woman that I know I am — with the scars to prove I deserve the title.

This is me wanting to feel life again.
This is me wanting to truly love and be loved again.
This is me wanting to know that you get more than one chance in your life to be happy.

This is me finding my way.




7 responses to “Wonder Who?

  1. This is me, getting to know my dear friend in our older years and realizing how powerful and passionate her words,feelings and her life is…… and remembering how innocent and EASY our lives were, when we were 13. I’ve always been in AWE of you. You are WONDERful.

  2. I don’t know if this would mean anything to you, but I feel like it needs to be said.
    You can’t really know someone just trough the Internet, reading twitter or blog. You can make your own image in the head, and let it fool you, or be too cynical, trying not to be fooled.
    But trough all that, what we see and what just seems, trough mirage and projected images, I can see your real pain and your strife. And I just wanted to say that I find you wonderful. I find your soul beautiful.
    So, if it’s worth anything, some stranger, half a world away is amazed by your strength and resilience.
    Hope you will find your happiness

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